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Sandrine Darmigny

Rodolphe Thiebaut

Pr. Rodolphe Thiebaut
MD, PhD, SISTM Director

Rodolphe Thiebaut is a medical doctor, with specialization in Public Health. He holds a PhD in Biostatistics from Bordeaux University.

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The team is devoted to the development of statistical methods for the integrative analysis of data in medicine and biology. Thanks to the technological improvements, clinical and biological research is generating massive amounts of data. Of importance are the « omics » data such as genomics (gene expression) and proteomics but also other types of data, for which modern technologies have strongly increased the amount of information (e.g. medical imaging, cell counts).
This SISTM team is labelled by both Inserm and Inria.

The applications are carried out in collaboration with the Vaccine Research Institute (VRI), other teams from the center as well as the Methodological Support Unit for Clinical and Epidemiological Research (USMR) of the Bordeaux University Hospital.

The two main objectives of the SISTM team are:

  • To accelerate the development of vaccines by analyzing all the information available in early clinical trials and optimizing new trials.
  • To develop new data science approaches to analyze and model high dimensional data in small sample size studies.

Research area

The team is organized around three axes sharing a common objective. It is embarked in a double challenge of developing methods to deal with high dimensional data with low sample size and a main application for accelerating vaccine development.

Hence in Axis 1, the relevant information is extracted from big data. This information is used to estimate mechanistic model parameters in Axis 2. Mechanistic models can then be used for simulating the optimal vaccine strategies to be evaluated in the next clinical trials.

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2021 Key publications

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