The BPH SISTM team is accredited by both Inria & Inserm


The SISTM team – © Inria / Photo F. Stucin

The BPH SISTM team is accredited by both Inria & Inserm

The two main objectives of the SISTM team (Statistics in Systems biology and Translationnal Medicine), led by Pr Rodolphe Thiébaut, are:

i) to accelerate the development of vaccines by analyzing all the information available in early clinical trials and optimizing new trials

ii) to develop new data science approaches to analyze and model high dimensional data in small sample size studies.

The methods developed are relevant in many other applications than those encountered in the SISTM team. However, the focus devoted to vaccine development is justified by the importance of the objective from a public health point of view and a good knowledge of the application field that maximizes the relevance and the implementation of the methods developed.

This equilibrium between the methodological and the applied work reached over the last years is a fundamental motivation for each member of the SISTM team even though the background could be very different from one researcher to the other from applied mathematics to public health.

Hence, the team, based at the Bordeaux University, has been renewed by Inserm (from 01/01/2022) and Inria in 2023 and is fully involved in the Vaccine Research Institute.

Hence, we are able to collaborate for a theoretical problem during the development of a new method (e.g. demonstration of the convergence of an estimator) as well as to translate the research outcomes (either new analytical methods or applied results) to clinicians and biologists first in our collaborative networks and then beyond.

Figure 1 illustrates this synergism and materializes the three research axes of the team: high dimension statistical learning, mechanistic modelling and translational vaccinology.

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The SISTM team – © Inria / Photo F. Stucin