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Sylvie Mivielle

Dr Cécile Delcourt
PhD, LEHA Director

Cécile Delcourt, PhD in Statistics and Public Health, is a Director of Research at Inserm. She heads the LEHA (Lifelong Exposures, Health and Aging) research group at the Bordeaux Population Health Research Center U1219 (Inserm/Université de Bordeaux).
She specializes in the epidemiology of eye diseases (AMD, cataracts, glaucoma, myopia…) and is internationally recognized for identifying their risk factors (smoking, nutrition, light exposure, air pollution…).

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The objective of team LEHA is to study age-related diseases, in particular those of the brain (dementia, Alzheimer’s disease) and of the eye (age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma), using a lifelong approach and focusing on shared mechanisms and exposures, in order to define strategies for the prevention of age-related functional loss and the promotion of healthy aging.

Research area

We study populations of different ages (elderly, middle-aged, young) in prospective designs allowing for the study of slow long-term processes, using early biomarkers (in particular eye and brain imaging) allowing for the early detection of health related effects of exposures.

As age-related diseases share common mechanisms and consequences and interact with each other, aging is considered as a global state promoting the occurrence of diseases. Models of aging are mainly neurological diseases (cognitive decline and dementia/ Alzheimer’s) and eye diseases (mainly age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma), but also extend to other health endpoints, such as diabetes, kidney disease or physical performance.

Our research is based on population-based cohorts that we have been conducting in elderly populations for more than 30 years: the PAQUID cohort (n=3777, followed since 1988) and the 3C Study (n=9294 including 2104 in Bordeaux, followed since 1999), and its ancillary ophthalmological study in Bordeaux Alienor (n=963, followed since 2006).

We also participate in population-based cohort studies (i-Share, 20,000 students, PI C. Tzourio), Constances (220,000 adults aged 18-69 years, followed since 2012, PI M. Zins, Inserm U1018, Villejuif) and B cube (planned 2000 aged 55-80 years in Bordeaux, PI C Samieri), in particular by generating cutting edge ophthalmological phenotypic information and several ranges of biomarkers. Finally, we collaborate with European and American cohorts, individually or within collaborative projects.

Overall, these studies collect information on many aspects of aging (functions, chronic and degenerative diseases, disability) and their determinants (clinical factors, nutrition, environmental exposures, genetics), which allow a very comprehensive study of the epidemiology of health and aging in older adults, but also offer a scope for a broader lifelong approach, thanks to the epidemiological and clinical studies conducted in younger individuals.

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2023 Key Publications

Bardinet J, Pouchieu C, Chuy V, Helmer C, Etheve S, Gaudout D, Samieri C, Berr C, Delcourt C, Cougnard-Gregoire A, Feart C. Plasma carotenoids and risk of depressive symptomatology in a population-based cohort of older adults. J Affect Disord. 2023;339:615-23.

Cougnard-Gregoire A, Merle BMJ, Aslam T, Seddon JM, Aknin I, Klaver CCW, Garhofer G, Layana AG, Minnella AM, Silva R, Delcourt C. Blue Light Exposure: Ocular Hazards and Prevention-A Narrative Review. Ophthalmol Ther. 2023;12(2):755-88.

Dulau I, Recur B, Helmer C, Delcourt C, Beurton-Aimar M, Ieee, editors. Connected-Components-based Post-processing for Retinal Vessels Deep-Learning Segmentation. IEEE 13th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Systems (ICPRS); 2023 Jul 04-07; Guayaquil, ECUADOR2023.

Gayraud L, Mortamais M, Schweitzer C, de Hoogh K, Cougnard-Gregoire A, Korobelnik J-F, Delyfer M-N, Rougier M-B, Leffondre K, Helmer C, Vienneau D, Berr C, Delcourt C. Association of long-term exposure to ambient air pollution with retinal neurodegeneration: the prospective Alienor study. Environ Res. 2023;232:116364.

Jacquemot A-F, Prat R, Gazan R, Dubois C, Darmon N, Feart C, Verger EO. Development and validation of an occurrence-based healthy dietary diversity (ORCHID) score easy to operationalise in dietary prevention interventions in older adults: a French study. Br J Nutr. 2023:1-11.

Le Gall L, Harambat J, Combe C, Philipps V, Proust-Lima C, Dussartre M, Drueke T, Choukroun G, Fouque D, Frimat L, Jacquelinet C, Laville M, Liabeuf S, Pecoits-Filho R, Massy ZA, Stengel B, Alencar de Pinho N, Leffondre K, Prezelin-Reydit M, group C-Rs. Haemoglobin trajectories in chronic kidney disease and risk of major adverse cardiovascular events. Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2023.

Larsen PP, Feart C, Pais de Barros JP, Merle BMJ, Gayraud L, Delyfer MN, Korobelnik JF, Delcourt C. Association of Age-Related Macular Degeneration with a Blood Biomarker of Lipopolysaccharide, a Gut Bacterial Proinflammatory Toxin. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2023;64(14):47.

Lima Reboucas SC, Crivello F, Tsuchida A, Tzourio C, Schweitzer C, Korobelnik J-F, Delcourt C, Helmer C. Association of retinal nerve layers thickness and brain imaging in healthy young subjects from the i-Share-Bordeaux study. Hum Brain Mapp. 2023;44(13):4722-37.

Linard M, Foubert-Samier A, Pacaud J, Helmer C. Could JC virus be involved in the onset of multiple system atrophy? A hypothesis. Parkinsonism Relat Disord. 2023;109:105358.

Prezelin-Reydit M, Combe C, Fouque D, Frimat L, Jacquelinet C, Laville M, Massy ZA, Lange C, Ayav C, Pecoits-Filho R, Liabeuf S, Stengel B, Harambat J, Leffondre K, group C-Rs. Longitudinal uric acid has nonlinear association with kidney failure and mortality in chronic kidney disease. Sci Rep. 2023;13(1):3952.

Reboucas SCL, Cougnard-Gregoire A, Arnould L, Delyfer M-N, Schweitzer C, Korobelnik J-F, Foubert-Samier A, Cheung CY, Wong TY, Delcourt C, Helmer C. Retinal microvasculature and incident dementia over 10 years: The Three-City-Alienor cohort. Alzheimers Dement (Amst). 2023;15(4):e12480.

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Last News

Posted on : 15 Feb 2024

Launch of the ANR BIOMAC project on blood biomarkers for age-related macular degeneration

From left: Vanessa LELEVRIER, Delphine PELLÉ, Stéphane GREGOIRE, Bénédicte MERLE, Caroline PELTIER,Fleur CHAUMET, Barbara LE BOT, Cécile DELCOURT, Niyazi ACAR – Launch meeting on 02/01/2024 in Paris Launch of the ANR BIOMAC projecton blood biomarkers for age-related macular degeneration With the support of the ANR, the LEHA team is launching the BIOMAC project on blood […]
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Posted on : 12 Feb 2024

Press Release: Air pollution and retinal neurodegeneration in residents of Bordeaux

Press Release Air pollution and retinal neurodegeneration in residents of Bordeaux In a ten-year follow-up study of a cohort of 683 elderly people from Bordeaux, published in the journal Environmental Research, researchers from the BPH found accelerated thinning of the retinal nerve fibre layer in people with greater exposure to air pollution, particularly those with […]
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Posted on : 31 Jan 2023

New Macu-Life Project: Evaluation of the relationship between our lifestyles and the development of AMD

Macu-Life : Exposome du mode de vie et risque de dégénérescence maculaire liée à l’âge dans la cohorte E3N Le projet « Macu-Life » ambitionne de contribuer à l’évaluation des relations entre nos modes de vie et le développement de la dégénérescence maculaire liée à l’âge (DMLA) dans un objectif de mise en œuvre de […]
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Posted on : 19 Jan 2023

February 3, 2023:
"Doing with" seminar - What effect on my posture as a public health researcher?

Les doctorants du Réseau doctoral en santé publique animé par l’École des Hautes Études en Santé Publique (EHESP) ont le plaisir de vous inviter à leur séminaire interdisciplinaire intitulé : “Faire avec”, quel effet sur ma posture de chercheur en santé publique ? Date de l’événement : Vendredi 3 février 2023 de 9h à 17h Contacts : Irwin […]
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Posted on : 06 Dec 2022

PhD and startuper: Interview with Soufiane Ajana former PhD student in the BPH LEHA team

Creator and promoter of the startup Retinet, incubated during his thesis at the BPH and winner of the Microsoft For Startups Founders Hub – 2022 Edition competition; the opportunity for Soufiane to review his career and the transition to the BPH Interview with Soufiane Ajana
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Posted on : 17 Nov 2022

Soufiane Ajana from our LEHA team has been selected by Microsoft to join a development programme

  We are proud of the RetiNet startup, a spin-off of the Bordeaux Population Health Research Center laboratory, which has been selected by Microsoft to join the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program! This award represents a unique opportunity for this deeptech startup to gain access to personalized mentoring and valuable resources (up to $150,000 […]
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Posted on : 07 Oct 2022

Prix ISEE Laure Gayraud Doctorante

The BPH and LEHA team congratulate Laure Gayraud, PhD student in epidemiology, for the ISEE International Society for Environmental Epidemiology – Prize for the “Best Student Abstract and Young Researcher” last september in Athens. This prize rewards for the presentation at the 34th Annual Congress of her work on the associations between air pollution exposure […]
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Posted on : 28 Jun 2022

Classification des aliments selon leur degré de transformation: NOVA n’est pas aussi robuste qu’il n’y parait !

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2022), article Open Access Bien que le système de classification NOVA en fonction de critères liés à la transformation des aliments soit largement utilisé, sa robustesse et ses fonctionnalités restent peu explorées. Cette étude, menée par une équipe de chercheurs dont Catherine Féart de l’équipe LEHA du BPH a déterminé […]
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Posted on : 08 Apr 2022

Exposition solaire professionnelle et santé de la peau et des yeux : le projet EXPOLUX

Le 2 décembre dernier, notre équipe LEHA a lancé le projet EXPOLUX, avec le soutien de la Fondation Bordeaux Université. Bravo aux responsables scientifiques Audrey COUGNARD-GREGOIRE et Cécile DELCOURT. La peau et les yeux sont les principaux organes cibles d’une exposition aigue et prolongée aux rayonnement ultraviolets (UV) solaires. Les affections majeures voire irréversibles touchant […]
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