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Generate high-quality scientific evidence to better understand disease mechanisms, prevent disease occurrence in the population and provide optimal care to patients.

Promote healthier lives across the lifespan, in high and low income countries

Leverage cutting-edge biotechnologies and data science to discover disease mechanisms

Translate research findings into clinical usefulness for disease prevention and patient care

Improve health services and reduce social inequalities in healthcare

Mobilize expert community to combat current and future global threats to human health

Meet our director

Stéphanie Debette

Stéphanie Debette, MD PhD, is Professor of Epidemiology/Public Health at the University of Bordeaux and practicing Neurologist at Bordeaux University Hospital.

She serves as the current Director of the Bordeaux Population Health research center (University of Bordeaux – Inserm U1219). Prof. Debette has been leading large collaborative genomic and epidemiological studies on stroke, cognitive traits, and imaging markers of brain aging, especially cerebral small vessel disease, aiming to decipher the molecular mechanisms underlying brain aging and to improve prevention and treatment of stroke and dementia. Prof. Debette has been leading a European Research Council grant, is principal investigator of a large national investment for the future grant on cerebral small vessel disease (RHU-SHIVA) and has been coordinating or contributes to several European grants (JPND-BRIDGET, ENLIGHT-RISE…).

She was awarded the Claude Pompidou Foundation prize for dementia research, the scientific excellence award of the European Stroke Organization, and the National Order of Merit medal. A former Fulbright and Bettencourt-Schueller fellow and adjunct associate professor at Boston University, she was a visiting professor at Kyoto University. She serves in the research steering committee of the CHARGE consortium and chaired the International Stroke Genetics Consortium (ISGC) between 2017 and 2019. She also served as vice-president for external relations at the University of Bordeaux (2018-22) and was the inaugural chair of the ENLIGHT European University Alliance board of directors (2019-22).

Former directors

Christophe Tzourio

Christophe Tzourio, MD PhD, is Professor of Epidemiology/Public Health at the University of Bordeaux and practicing at Bordeaux University Hospital. He was founder and first director of the Bordeaux Population Health Research Center (BPH) (2016-2021), Inserm Unit 1219 and University of Bordeaux

His research expertise focuses on epidemiology and public health of neurological and psychiatric diseases.

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Roger Salamon

Roger Salamon, MD PhD, is Professor of Public Health. He was École normale supérieure former student (mathematics section). He was founder and director of the first Bordeaux Inserm Unit U330 «Epidemiology, Public Health and Development» (1990-2003), which became Inserm U593 (2003-2008). Then he founded the first research centre «Epidemiology and Biostatistics» Inserm U897 (2009-2013) at University of Bordeaux.

He was founder (1989), and first Director (1997-2005), then Honorary Director (since 2006) of the Institute of Public Health, Epidemiology and Development (ISPED) at University of Bordeaux.

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