Léo Donzel Godinot (LDG) is a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (2018) with a specialization in health promotion and prevention. He is the head of the “Preventive Action Support Unit” at the University Hospital of Bordeaux. He works in collaboration with the “Methods in population health intervention research” (MéRISP) team of the “Bordeaux Population Health” research center (Unit U1219 Inserm-University of Bordeaux). His research interest concerns vaccine hesitancy among health care workers and conjoint analysis in public health studies.

Léo Donzel Godinot, Jonathan Sicsic, Marie Lachatre, Elisabeth Bouvet, Dominique Abiteboul, Elisabeth Rouveix, Gérard Pellissier, Jocelyn Raude, Judith E. Mueller, “Quantifying preferences around vaccination against frequent, mild disease with risk for vulnerable persons: A discrete choice experiment among French hospital health care workers”, Vaccine, Volume 39, Issue 5, 2021, Pages 805-814, ISSN 0264-410X,

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