Study on the mental health of students, 4 years after the lockdown. Effects still struggling to subside
– Press Review


Study on the Mental Health of Students,
4 Years After the Lockdown.
Effects Still Struggling to Subside

Press Review

Four years have now passed since the initial lockdowns in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. These policies have had a considerable impact across all layers of the population, with effects that are still struggling to diminish.

The HEALTHY team has been working for nearly 12 years on the health and well-being of students at the beginning of their university studies, through the i-Share study and then the PRISME study starting in 2022.

The data collected over the past four years shed light on the consequences of lockdown policies on the mental health of students.
And the assessment is not good; the mental health of young people has significantly deteriorated since the lockdown, and the effects continue to be felt. Thus, in 2023, four out of ten students (41%) exhibited moderate to severe depressive symptoms compared to 26% before the health crisis.


Numerous statements have been made by members of the HEALTHY team during the month of March in various media outlets to accompany the publication of these results. The announcement of these results was made on March 14 by the magazine Marianne around an issue dedicated to psychological disorders 4 years after the lockdown, and on France Inter in the programs “Le 7/10” (intervention by Mélissa Macalli) and “Le téléphone sonne” (intervention by Christophe Tzourio).

Other press, radio, and TV media subsequently relayed this information. => Find all the interventions and press releases on the University of Bordeaux’s student health research platform: lab-sante-etudiant.fr

The study is currently under review in an international journal, and its details are freely available on the MedRXiv website.


Elena MILESI – Communication Manager, Student Health Lab