12th edition of the Bordeaux PharmacoEpi Festival
Pôle juridique et judiciaire – Amphi Duguit – Pey-Berland


12th edition of the Bordeaux PharmacoEpi Festival

Pôle juridique et judiciaire, Amphithéâtre Duguit
35 place Pey-Berland, 33000 Bordeaux

The 12th edition of the Bordeaux PharmacoEpi Festival will take place from May 22nd to 24th, 2024, in a hybrid format: both via video conference and in-person at the University of Bordeaux. The conferences will also be available for replay.

The Bordeaux PharmacoEpi (BPE) platform at the University of Bordeaux, specialized in the field of pharmacoepidemiology research, promotes partnerships to enhance knowledge in public health, particularly on an international scale (https://www.bordeauxpharmacoepi.eu/our-expertise/). BPE designs and conducts studies aimed at meeting the demands of health authorities and pharmaceutical companies regarding the evaluation of health technologies (medicines, medical devices, etc.) in real-world conditions of care. The results of these studies contribute to the establishment of recommendations to optimize the benefits and minimize the risks of medicines, thus making the public health challenges addressed by BPE significant.

With its wealth of experience and recognized expertise in the field of pharmacoepidemiology, BPE organizes an annual scientific event, the Bordeaux PharmacoEpi Festival, which serves as a forum for experts in pharmacoepidemiology to contribute to public health research. Each speaker, including international epidemiologists and pharmacoepidemiologists, is tasked with presenting their chosen topic during a two-hour session, fostering high-quality exchanges between speakers and the audience.

In the context of this 12th edition of the festival, the themes to be addressed include the relevance of new methods such as emulated clinical trials for regulatory agencies in the use of real-world data, the new challenges in pharmacoepidemiology related to the consideration of environmental and climatic factors in drug evaluation, the contribution of real-world data to the decision-making of regulatory agencies at the European level, the application of machine learning to pharmacoepidemiology, and the impact of drug indication on the effects obtained. Participants come from various scientific backgrounds: academic researchers, students, industry professionals, etc.

Sessions lasting two hours are scheduled over three days from 1:30 pm to 5:45 pm, with live online conferences and in-person attendance at the University of Bordeaux at the Legal and Judicial Center, Place Pey Berland, Amphi Duguit.

A Grand Public conference in French, open to all, will be presented by Professor Antoine Pariente, Director of the Department of Public Health at the University of Bordeaux and director of the Bordeaux Population Health AHeaD team, on the theme “2010-2023: Evolution of the use of reimbursed drugs in France,” concluding the festival on Friday, May 24, 2024, from 3:45 pm to 5:45 pm.



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