Main degrees

  • 1996: MSc Public Health, Biostatistics concentration, Paris-Sud University
  • 1999: PhD Biostatistics, Paris-Sud University
  • 2014: HDR Public Health, University of Bordeaux

Main appointements

  • 1999-2003: Post-doc, McGill University, Dep. of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • 2003-2008: Assistant Professor, University of Montreal, Dep.of Social and Preventive Medicine
  • 2008-2020: Associate Professor (MCF Section CNU 26), University of Bordeaux, ISPED
  • 2020-: Professor (PR Section CNU 26), University of Bordeaux, ISPED


  • Graduate Program Director, MSc Public Health, Epidemiology concentration, since 2014
  • Teaching about 150 hours in class each year, MSc Public Health, main topics:
    • Linear and logistic regression
    • Survival analysis
    • Design and analysis of case-control studies

 Research interests

  • Statistical methods for the analysis of epidemiological data, in particular cohort and case-control data
  • Survival analysis, longitudinal analysis
  • Statistical modeling of protracted environmental and occupational exposures in etiologic cancer research
  • Statistical modeling of longitudinal biological markers and chronic kidney disease progression

Main publications

  • Underlined names: students and research assistants under my supervision.


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