Seminar “Effect of the 2015 home ABS reform on the aid plans notified to beneficiaries” – February 4th 2020


The EMOS team invites you to attend the seminar “Effect of the 2015 home ABS reform on the aid plans notified to beneficiaries”:

Tuesday February 4th 2020
from 12 am to 1 pm
University of Bordeaux
146 rue Léo Saignat, Bordeaux
Conference Room – Espace Santé (Carreire campus)

Free entry – without registration

Louis Arnault (University of Bordeaux, BPH, EMOS – DREES) will present the results of an article on “The effects of the law adapting society to aging (ASV) of 2015 on the aid plans notified to beneficiaries home APA.” The objective of this work is to assess the effect of the various measures adopted within the framework of the ASV law on the amounts of aid notified to beneficiaries of ABS at home by the medico-social teams in charge of development of assistance plans. This work is carried out using individual data on beneficiaries of APA at home, collected from departmental councils in 2011 and 2017 (individual APA-ASH feedback). It should allow a better understanding of the practices of the medico-social teams, little studied until now, and their determining role on the effect of public policies in the field of loss of autonomy.