LASCOPE project (Observational cohort study of Lassa fever clinical course and prognostic factors in an epidemic context in Nigeria)


Breaking news:

June 06th 2018 – Inclusions ongoing at Owo FMC

May 24th 2018 – Approval by the National Health Research Ethics Committee (NHREC) of Nigeria

April 5th 2018 – Approval by Owo Federal Medical Centre Health Research Ethics Committee


Project presentation:

The LASCOPE project refers to a prospective, non-interventional cohort study describing the clinical course, biological characteristics, case management and outcomes in patients hospitalized for a suspected diagnosis of Lassa fever in tertiary medical facilities situated in the most affected Nigerian states. It was launched in the context of the unprecedented outbreak of Lassa fever that has hit Nigeria since the beginning of the year 2018. Participants are recruited in tertiary reference hospitals for Lassa fever case management in the Nigerian States with the highest burden. By June 2018, inclusions have started in the first participating site, Owo Federal Medical Centre (OFMC), Owo, Ondo State. All the patients hospitalized for suspected or already confirmed Lassa fever will be eligible (no age restriction). Newborns from mothers participating in the study will also be eligible.

The LASCOPE project is supported by the ALERRT consortium (funded by the EDCTP program), Inserm/REACTing and Oxford University (DFiD/Wellcome Trust discretionary award).