Join the PHARes team of BPH research center on a junior professorship position on prevention of chronic diseases


Join the PHARes team of BPH research center
on a junior professorship position on prevention of chronic diseases

A position of Junior Professor CPJ is open within the 2023 campaign of Inserm and the University of Bordeaux.
It is proposed to young researchers, with a strong potential to supervise and lead a research team, as well as to participate in national, European or international projects.
It offers a funding opportunity (200 k€) to carry out a teaching position and research activities in the field of chronic disease prevention. The successful candidate will join our PHARes team for a period of 3 years and will potentially be granted tenure at the end of the contract in the Inserm Research Directors’ corps


Inserm is opening 18 chair positions at the national level for its 2023 program.
The chairs are intended for researchers with a strong potential to manage and lead research teams, as well as to participate in national, European or international projects.
Among these 18 positions, one chair concerns the Bordeaux Population Health Research Center (BPH) – Inserm Unit 1219
The successful candidate will join our BPH PHARes team (« Population Health trAnslational Research » team) for a period of 3 years

Information on the chair position

Project name
Prevention of chronic diseases : from theory to implementation

3 years

Scientific domain
Public Health / Prevention

Summary of the scientific project
Chronic diseases prevention requires a better understanding of the determinants of health, from the most proximal (individual, behavioral, access to care determinants) to the most distal (structural social determinants: education, social cohesion, urban planning, employment) known as the most equitable. Prevention requires interventions both within and outside the health system (i.e. other societal sectors). For prevention to be effective, this requires to assess the effect mechanisms of interventions (effectiveness, acceptability, transferability) and the factors favoring their dissemination and scaling up (knowledge transfer research). This research therefore studies specifically the contexts and conditions in which interventions have an effect.

It relies on multiple theoretical models and diversified evaluation paradigms (e.g. theory-based evaluation, realistic evaluation, adaptation of trials to real conditions, natural experiments, mixed methods studies, etc.) to:

  • Assess the contextual elements as determinants of the outcomes and
  • Produce some transferable and acceptable conclusions from decision makers’ and stakeholders’ points of view.

The project here is to develop this applied research, especially the interventions acting on the structural determinants of health, and to develop the meta-research needed for this development, by clarifying the most relevant methods for assessing the complexity and systemic nature of these interventions and drawing conclusions on the conditions of their transferability.

Summary of the teaching project
The chair will be offered to teach at Bordeaux University within both the Master of public health in Health Promotion and the University Diploma Prevention and health promotion of Bordeaux School of Public Health (ISPED)

The teaching team needs to be strengthened through this chair with the following competencies:

  • Theoretical frameworks inherent to prevention and health promotion, whether individual, structural or social,
  • Issues and new approaches in prevention and health promotion including intervention in non-health areas (housing, urban planning, employment, social cohesion, etc.),
  • Methodology of Population health interventions research

Information on the recruitment process

This recruitment, based on research and teaching projects, is aimed at researchers with a PhD or equivalent.


  • Deadline for application and submission of the file: April 14, 2023 (1pm)
  • Preselections: May 2 to 17, 2023
  • Auditions: May 31 to June 14, 2023
  • Posting of results: on the EVA website at the end of June
  • Start date: September 2023

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