Highlights in novembre !


11th Canceropole day : 5th and 6th novembre 2015.

Annual meeting for researchers and clinicians to meet and discuss about the different programms of the Canceropole. On the friday 6th novembre in the afternoon (02:00 pm), the team “Cancer and environmental exposures” from the research Center “Epidemiology and Biostatistics” will lead a conference about “Environmental exposures and cancer“.
More informations here.
11th Canceropole day: ENSEIRB-MATMECA, 1 avenue du Docteur Albert Schweitzer – 33402 Talence.


SIRIC BRIO Scientific day : 10th novembre 2015, 08h30 to 18h30.

Public and free event. Jack Siemiaticky will lead the session “Epidemiology and public health” about “How to provide epidemiologic support for class action lawsuit against the tobacco industry“.
More informations here.
SIRIC BRIO Scientific day: IECB, 2 rue Robert Escarpit, 33607 Pessac.