AMD: a blood biomarker to assess diet-related risk

LEHA team in collaboration with INRAE, Jean-Monnet Saint-Etienne University, ITERG, CHU Dijon Bourgogne, CHU de Bordeaux has identified

What are the benefits of Lutein in the prevention of AMD?

LEHA team has just published in the journal Nutrients the results of a study conducted on the Alienor

Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict Suicidal Behaviors in Students

How do we predict suicide risk in students? This is a pertinent issue at a time when the

CONFINS – the new study of the HEALTHY team

This collaborative research project focuses on the impact of SRAS-CoV2 and lockdown on mental health in general population

Launch of the PA-COVID flash survey among aged population – April 2020

While we are all experiencing an exceptional crisis, older people remain the most at risk ones regarding infection

The Sud-Ouest newspaper announced the launch of the Sobeezy Project!

Karine Pérès is co-founder of a the Sobeezy project combining digital technology and a large solidarity network, designed particularly

Chronic medical conditions in elderly and crash risks – results of Juan Naredo Turrado’s publication in

February 11, presented results from the scientific publication of the Injury epidemiology, transport, occupation IETO team: Naredo

Conference March 10, 2020 – Sustainable IT and some of its challenges

This event has been organised by the A.C.E group – Action Climate Environment leading by Research and Teaching

Biostatistics Conferences 2020

These events have been organised by Bordeaux Population Health – UMR 1219 and the Public Health Department of

Inserm Workshop 261 – Recent advances in statistical analysis of survival data – May and Sept 2020

Registration deadline: March 6, 2020 Organizers: Hélène JACQMIN-GADDA (Inserm U1219, Bordeaux), Aurélien LATOUCHE (Inserm U900/Cnam, Paris), Virginie RONDEAU

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