Ebola: Prevail’s clinical trial announces encouraging results


The study has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine. This trial was conducted by a consortium of  international research teams involving Inserm and the national institutes of health, as part of a partnership between researchers, Guinean authorities and NGOs.

Denis Malvy, permanent senior researcher of the IDLIC team “Infectious Diseases in Resource-Limited Countries” of the Bordeaux Population Health U1219, is the co-lead investigator of this trial for Guinea. Through this first randomized trial of drug candidate evaluation, the study’s results predict the potential benefit of ZMapp treatment for patients with acute Ebola disease. Together with the best possible standard of care, its administration is associated with a higher survival rate than the standard of care alone, though limited capacity for recruitment of participants at the end of epidemic prevented to achieve the level of significancy . Launched in March 2015, the study concerned patients recruited during the 2014-2016 West Africa Ebola outbreak (in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone).

Denis Malvy said: “The results of this trial are a milestone in the ? (je ne comprenais pas la phrase) battle against the Ebola virus disease. I am also delighted that this has been achieved thanks to an unprecedented partnership between researchers, the Guinean authorities and NGOs. I have no doubt that these collaborations will continue to bear fruit in the coming”. months“.

New England Journal of Medicine