CINEMA & ROUND TABLE EVENING: The factory of pandemics


The BPH Bordeaux Population Health, Isped as part of the events for its 25th anniversary and the Public Health Department of the university, organized in partnership with IRD an evening movie debate:

The documentary film “The factory of pandemics” (2022) directed by Marie-Monique Robin with the participation of Juliette Binoche was screened on Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at the Agora (Domaine du Haut-Carré, Bordeaux University).

The event is the initiative of the BPH’s Global Health in the Global South GHiGS team and Isped’s Master of Global Health in the South.

This screening was followed by a round table discussion animated by Isabelle BALDI, Isped, BPH and CHU Bordeaux and Renaud BECQUET, Isped and BPH Research Center Inserm U1219, with the following speakers:

Éric MACE, PR in sociology, sociologist of the Anthropocene and Vice-President in charge of environmental and societal transitions at the University of Bordeaux;
Claire LISSALDE, audiovisuel manager, Regional Institute for Development (IRD);
Geneviève CHENE, PU-PH in public health, Isped and CHU of Bordeaux, former Director General of Santé publique France;
François DABIS, PU-PH, Isped and Inserm U1219 BPH research center

Please find on the video below the debates of this round table (from the ISPED YouTube channel).

Watch the trailer for the documentary “The Factory of Pandemics” (below)