ACTIVE Ph.D students in the spotlights


ACTIVE Ph.D students in the spotlights

Thesis defenses in 2023:

Marion PECH defended her PhD thesis in Psychology on March 17 (title: Detection of risky situations in daily life among frail elderly people using artificial intelligence methods: testing of a device in the general population) supervised by Helene Amieva & Jenny Benois-Pineau.

Sophie ARHEIX-PARRAS defended her PhD in Cognitive Sciences and Ergonomy on October 2 (title: Transcranial magnetic stimulations in chronic post-stroke aphasia: individualization and induced electrophysiological changes) supervised by Bertrand Glize.

Virgilio HERNANDEZ-RUIZ will defend his PhD thesis in Epidemiology on November 20 (title: Risk factors for cognitive and functional decline in older adults living with HIV and other infectious diseases) supervised by Helene Amieva.

Matias MOLINA will defend his PhD thesis in Psychology on December 14 (title: Epidemiology of dementia and psychosocial care in clinical routine in the city of Santiago de Chile) supervised by Helene Amieva.

Ph.D students presenting their work in scientific meetings:
    Our Ph.D students were very ACTIVE these last months presenting posters or oral presentations in various conferences. In particular:

  • Marie SENDRA, PhD student in Psychology, won the Best Poster Award for her poster entitled “Creation of an observation grid to evaluate social participation of older adults with neurocognitive disorders” at the spring meeting of the “French speaking Neurospychological Society”, Caen, 21-23 March 2023.
  • Marie SENDRA also presented a poster at the Congrès International Francophone de Gérontologie et Gériatrie (CIFGG), Montreal, Canada, 20-22 September 2023.
  • Virgilio HERNANDEZ, Ph.D student in Epidemiology, made an oral presentation entitled “VIRSTA cohort and the prognostic role of the absence of fever in S. Aureus Bacteremia” at the European Geriatrics Medicine Society (EuGMS), Helsinki, Finland, 20-22 September 2023.
  • Amelie BOUCHE, Ph.D student in Psychology, won an award for her thesis work presentation in a very short (180 sec) and humoristic way entitled “What if the health of nursing home residents did not depend only on individual and environmental predispositions? The role of health professionals” at the 2nd BPH Junior Researchers’ Day, Talence, 25 September 2023.
  • Sophie ARHEIX-PARRAS, Ph.D student in Cognitive Sciences and Ergonomy presented a poster entitled “Targeting the motor cortex of the lip with rTMS in post-stroke aphasia: behavioral improvements and electrophysiological changes” at the annual meeting of Academy of Aphasia, Read, UK, 21-23 October 2023.