Association between migraine and tinnitus among young people found in the i-Share cohort study.


Researchers from the HEALTHY (Health, well-being and achievement in the young) team of the Bordeaux Population Health research center (BPH) found an association between headaches and tinnitus, in a study led on 5729 students from the i-Share cohort.

With a mean age of 20.8 years, 1645 participants reported migraine. They were 8,9% to report tinnitus. Among young adults reporting migraine with aura, 10.8% reported tinnitus. Assuming causality, the attributable risk percent between tinnitus and migraine is 43% and for migraine with aura 52%.

The article “Association between headaches and tinnitus in young adults: cross sectional study“  has been published in Headache: The Journal of head and face Pain.

Elie Guichard MSc1, Ilaria Montagni PhD2,3,*, Christophe Tzourio MD, PhD2,3 , Tobias Kurth MD, ScD4 Association between headaches and tinnitus in young adults : cross sectional study 

Link to the publication http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/head.12845/abstract
Link to i-Share study website www.i-share.fr