MD, MPH, Clinical epidemiologist


2015 – now PhD candidate – Epidemiology, University of Bordeaux, France
2011-2012 Master of Public Health – Clinical Epidemiology, ISPED, University of Bordeaux, France
2000-2001 Master’s degree 1: Diploma in sanitary and social sciences, specialized in public health, Paris XI University, France
1987-1999 Doctor of Medicine, specializing in general medicine, Pitié-Salpêtrière Faculty of Medicine, Paris, France

March 2014 – now  International trial manager & coordinator – MEREVA Inserm U1219, Bordeaux, France
                                    Epidemiologist – IDLIC team, Inserm U1219, University of Bordeaux, France

2013 – 2014            Project manager – MEMENTO Cohort, CIC-EC7, Bordeaux, France
2012 – 2013             Project manager, CIC-EC7, ISPED, Bordeaux, France. Risk-adapted monitoring in clinical trials – European and French Clinical Research Infrastuctures Networks
2012                          Epidemiology practicum, Epidemiology and Public Health Unit, Institut Pasteur, Cambodia
2010 – 2011              Country Coordinator, ESTHER program – Hospital Partnership for HIV care and treatment, Cambodia
2010 – 2011              Consultant, Epidemiology and Public Health Unit, Institut Pasteur, Cambodia
2007 – 2010             Clinical Coordinator, CAMELIA clinical trial – Cambodian Health Committee, Cambodia
2005 – 2007            Medical Coordinator, French Red Cross, HIV/AIDS programs, Cambodia
2004 – 2005            Medical Coordinator, French Red Cross, HIV/AIDS programs, Congo
2002 – 2004            Medical Coordinator, French Red Cross, PMTCT program, Congo
1998 – 2001             General practitioner in French Guyana and France
1998                          Internship, cardiology department, French Guyana
1997 – 1998              Physician, Medical and Social Center, French Cooperation Mission, Bamako, Mali
1994 – 1996              Internship, Cayenne, French Guyana

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