Following my Bachelor’s on a broad Biotechnology background from India, I did Masters on a much narrowed down and an interesting topic “Molecular Genetics” from the University of Leicester, UK. I am primarily interested in the genetics of complex diseases and the effect of environmental interactions. My Ph.D. was on “How intermediate quantitative traits – like cytokines can function as genetic markers for the diagnosis of early onset Asthma”.  At present, I am working on the applications of genome-wide (GW) analysis tools in associating genetic background with phenotypes of cerebral small vessel disease and neurological endophenotypes such as cognitive (memory) functions. In addition, I am interested in following up significant findings from GW association studies with respect to its functional impact, by exploring publicly available functional datasets on gene expression, protein function, epigenetic modifications, etc. My future interests will be along this line with additional component like studying the effect of epigenetic modifications.

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