Post-doc, MD PhD


Inter-University Diploma Diagnosis and management of Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias

Lille University (Fr)

PhD Public health, option Epidemiology Bordeaux University (Fr) 2017-2021

Public health

Rennes & Versailles Saint Quentin Universities (Fr)

Master 2 Methodology and statistics in biomedical research Paris Sud University (Fr) 2015-2016
Master 1 Public Health Paris Sud University (Fr) 2014-2015
Baccalaureate Scientific Grasse (Fr) 2005



2017-2022 PhD student and then postdoctoral research fellowINSERM U1219 Bordeaux Population Health research center, team LEHA (Lifelong exposure, health and aging), Bordeaux (Fr)

  • Research topic “Infectious hypothesis in neurodegenerative diseases” / PhD on the topic « Herpes simplex virus type 1: a potential target for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease? » (Thesis director: Dr C Helmer)
  • Scientific collaborator for B3, a new population-based cohort
  • Organizer of the club 2ID [Immunity, infection and dementia], monthly virtual meetings to exchange between researchers on this theme

2014-2017 Intern in Public Health (6 semesters) – Paris (Fr)  /4 semesters in the research structures and 2 semesters in health policy

  • Department of epidemiology, biostatistics and clinical research, Bichat, Paris
  • INSERM U1153, Obstetrical, Perinatal and Pediatric Epidemiology, Paris
  • INSERM U1168, Health, Environment and Aging, Paris
  • Ile de France regional health agency
  • Seine Saint Denis departmental council


2018-2019 Realization of dementia diagnoses in the 3C cohort– Bordeaux (Fr)

2012-2014 Intern in internal medicine (3 semesters) – Paris (Fr)

  • Geriatrics department – Kremlin Bicêtre University Hospital, Paris
  • Internal medicine department – Lariboisière University Hospital, Paris
  • Internal medicine department – Delafontaine Hospital, St Denis


2017-2019 Teaching in research and biostatistics at the ISPED School of public health and at the Bordeaux midwifery school – Bordeaux (Fr)

2015-2017 Public Health speaker for the 5th year medical students – Conférence Khalifa, Paris (Fr)


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