Postdoctoral researcher

Published scientific articles

  1. Chamberlain, JD, Inge E. Eriks-Hoogland, Kerstin Hug, Xavier Jordan, Martin Schubert, and Martin W. G. Brinkhof. “Attrition from Specialised Rehabilitation Associated with an Elevated Mortality Risk: Results from a Vital Status Tracing Study in Swiss Spinal Cord Injured Patients.” BMJ Open, 2020.
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Conference abstracts (without manuscript)

  1. Chamberlain, Jonviea, and Martin WG Brinkhof. “308 Epidemiological Trends in the Swiss Rehabilitation Setting for Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury.” Injury Prevention 22, no. Suppl 2 (2016): A112–A113.
  2. Brinkhof, Martin, S Meier, J Chamberlain, and L Mader. “The Impact of Folic Acid Food Fortification on Global Incidence of Neural Tube Defects: Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis and Estimate of Preventable Cases.” International Journal of Epidemiology 44, no. suppl_1 (2015): i143–i143.

Chapter contribution

  1. Sullivan, Kimberly, Maxine Krengel and Patricia J. Lloyd. “An Overview of Toxicant Exposures in Veteran Cohorts from Vietnam to Iraq.” In Military Health Care: From Pre-Deployment to Post-Separation. Taylor & Francis, 2013.
  2. Bickenbach, J, I Boldt, M Brinkhof,R Cripps, M Fitzharris, and others. “A Global Picture of Spinal Cord Injury.” International Perspectives on Spinal Cord Injury, 2013, 11–32.
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