Hélène Sauzéon is a full Professor of psychology and cognitive science at the University of Bordeaux (France) since 2014. Her works carried out in two labs: the former is related to the area of health research (ACTIVE team of Bordeaux Population Health Lab, Inserm-University of Bordeaux) and the latter is related to area of computer science (Flowers Team of Inria Center of Bordeaux).


  • My PhD studies were specialized in the neuropsychology of memory with a focus on the developmental trajectories (child & older persons) that I extended to the language area during my postdoctoral position (UCL-Belgium). In 2001, I obtained an Associate Professor position at the University of Bordeaux (UB) to work at the “Cognitive Science” Lab.
  • In 2008, I began my research on applied cognition and disability with virtual reality-based devices and then, I joined the “Disability & Nervous system” lab (UB) and I was deputy director of this lab during 4 years (2014-18).
  • In 2014, I obtained a Professor position ar the University of Bordeaux. During the same period, I also joined the Inria center of Bordeaux for developing multidisciplinary researches around digital technologies for aging in place (HomeAssist Projects), for school Inclusion of children with cognitive disabilities (School+ projects) and, recently for personalized education (Kidlearn projet, Kidbreath project, Curiosity project/ Flowers team).
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