Geneviève Chêne, MD PhD, born in 1962, is professor in biostatistics and public health at Bordeaux University since 1999. As a researcher, since 2006, Geneviève has established an Inserm research team on “HIV infections and associated morbidity” and a Clinical Trials Unit as a platform of excellence for national and international studies in HIV/AIDS sponsored by the National Agency for Research on AIDS and viral hepatitis (ANRS). Most cited works showed how the efficacy and safety of antiretroviral therapy can be durable over the long term or contributed to the development of epidemiological and statistical innovations needed to conceive clinical trials or large cohorts or analyse their data. This research is now led by Dr Linda Wittkop within the MORPH3Eus (MultimORbidity and Public Health in patients with HIV or Hepatitis). Since 2010, as co- principal investigator of Memento, a national cohort of 2,300 participants recruited in memory clinics, she is actively transferring know-how in other areas than HIV and has joined the team VINTAGE (Vascular and Neurological Diseases: Integrative and Genetic Epidemiology). Since 2014, as head of an international platform for international clinical trials (“EUCLID”), funded by the investments for the future through F-CRIN infrastructure, she is involved in the support and coordination of trials in new vaccines (HIV, viral hepatitis, Ebola virus), neuro-degenerative diseases, obesity/metabolism or medical devices. This platform is one component of the Clinical Epidemiology Center (CIC-EC7, Inserm, CHU de Bordeaux) that she is leading since 2008.

As a professor of public health, Geneviève Chêne teaches clinical epidemiology at the Bordeaux School of Public Health (Univ Bordeaux) where she initiated an international distant-learning program in epidemiology and clinical research (more than 4500 students since 2001).

In 2013, she was nominated in the “Comité des Sages” by the Prime Minister for the preparation of the National Strategy for Health. Geneviève Chêne is currently the Director of the Public Health Multi-Organization Thematic Institute of the French National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health (Aviesan and Inserm, Paris) and, since 2013, serves as vice-chair of the scientific evaluation committee of the National Program for Clinical Research (PHRC).

Her main areas of interest are: Translational epidemiology and public health, clinical epidemiology, e-learning, infectious diseases, Alzheimer and neuro-degenerative diseases


(From > 350 papers; H-index: 55; 11,800 citations, top 1% highly cited scientists)

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