MD, MPH, PhD candidate
Assistant Hospitalo Universitaire

Edouard Lhomme is a medical doctor specialised in public health and clinical epidemiology. 
He is currently acting as a Methodologist (Chef de clinique, AHU) within the Bordeaux University Hospital’s Clinical Trial Unit and an Assistant Professor of Public Health and Epidemiology at the School of Medecine and at the Bordeaux University’s Institute of Public Health, Epidemiology, and Developpement (Isped).

Edouard is concurrently pursuing a PhD at Bordeaux University’s Institute of Public Health, Epidemiology, and Developpement. Using data from recent Phase I/II vaccine trials, his research focuses on applying complex statistical methods to untangle the underlying mechanisms and the determinants, be they: genetic, molecular, cellular, sociodemographic and clinical, of immunological response to experimental vaccines (HIV, Ebola). This research is in collaboration with Inserm’s Bordeaux Population Health Centre’s (U-1219) Statistics in systems biology and translational medicine – SISTM Team, led by Prof. R Thiébaut. 
As methodologist, he is currently involved on 15 clinical trials, especially Partnership for Research on Ebola VACcination (PREVAC), a phase 2 randomized prophylactic Ebola vaccine trial including healthy volunteers in West Africa.

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