Post-doctoral researcher

Diana Barger is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Inserm U 1219 – Bordeaux Population Health. She was awarded a 24-month postdoctoral fellowship from the ANRS (French REcherche Nord & sud Sida-HIV Hépatites) to conduct research on trends in health care trajectories, utilization and value provided in people living with HIV in the current treatment era.

She completed a PhD (thèse de sciences) in public health specialising in epidemiology at the University of Bordeaux’s Institute of Public Health, Epidemiology and Development (ISPED) in 2019. Her doctoral research was supervised by Professors Fabrice Bonnet and François Dabis within the Inserm Bordeaux Population Health Centre (U-1219). It focussed on developing and deploying new technology to better collect patient-reported outcomes (PRO), including quality of life, in patients in long-term, hospital-based, HIV care.  She was awarded 36-month young researcher grant in 2016 from the French NGO Sidaction to carry out this work. The research was also granted seed funding from the ANRS (French REcherche Nord & sud Sida-HIV Hépatites). Diana also holds an MPH from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (London, UK) and a BA with Magna Cum Laude honors in Political Science (IR) from Tufts University (Boston, USA).

Previously, Diana worked with Pr Geneviève Chêne as an International Project Coordinator supporting the FP-7 funded European collaboration of cohorts of people living with HIV, COHERE in EuroCoord between 2013-2015. She has also served at both Save the Children International and the United Nations Population Fund as an independent consultant. She has experience conducting economic evaluations and M&E as well as specific expertise in the field of sexual and reproductive health. 

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