Chargée de recherche INSERM (Senior Researcher, INSERM (French National Institute for Health)



INSERM U897 and Université de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France Junior Research Position (French Fondation Plan Alzheimer grant) 2012-2015 Epidemiology – Alzheimer’s disease
Channing Division of Network Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, USA

Postdoctoral Research fellow

2011-2012 Epidemiology
Université de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France Postdoctoral Research fellow 2010-2011 Epidemiology (applied Biostatistics and neuro-imaging)
Université de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France Ph.D (upper honours, Mention Très Honorable) 2007-2009 Epidemiology
Université Paris XI, Paris, France M.Sc (upper honours, Mention Très Bien) 2005-2006 Methodology and Statistics in Biomedical Research
Université Paris XII, Paris, France Doctorate 2004 Veterinary medicine

Lycée Michel Montaigne, Bordeaux, France

Baccalaureate diploma (upper honours, Mention Très Bien) 1997 Mathematics



 My research has mainly focused on the epidemiology of aging, with the aim of understanding how environmental factors, in particular diet, influences the aetiology of brain diseases and conditions in aging, such as dementia, cognitive decline or stroke. Since environmental factors have a pleiotropic role in health, a broader perspective of my research has recently focused on environmental strategies to maintain overall health in aging. Specifically, I have contributed to demonstrate the impact of a healthier diet in midlife (eg., a Mediterranean diet) for healthy aging. There is indeed increasing evidence that a number of age-related diseases originate in midlife and even in earlier periods of life. For example, it is now recognized that lesions associated with age-related brain diseases accumulate silently over decades before brain diseases in the late-life. At the same time, brain plasticity, which provides more numerous neurons and connections – globally referred to as “brain reserve” – to cope with lesions and maintain optimal cognitive performances with aging, start developing in the first decades of life. While it has become more and more evident that future brain aging research should move on early prevention, the optimal strategy, including the most critical window of opportunity for prevention, remains to be elucidated. To inform early mechanisms underlying the relation of the environment and brain health, I am currently working on extending my research interests to the investigation of environmental factors and brain structure of young adults in a large ongoing cohort of French students. A better understanding on how the environment shapes brain structural plasticity in early adult life will eventually help designing future prevention strategies.


Positions and employment

2012-15 Junior Research Position, INSERM U897 and Université de Bordeaux, France.

2015-      Permanent senior researcher, INSERM (French National Institute for Health).


2010-12  Pilot Award from the LECMA (European League Against Alzheimer’s Disease, France); Thesis prize from the SFEL (French Society for the Study of Lipids, France).

2011-12  Fulbright Research Scholar Award; Medical research award from the Philippe Foundation (USA & France); travel award from the International Conference on Alzheimer Disease (France).

2012-15  Junior Researcher Position grant from the French Fondation Plan Alzheimer; 1st prize for best free communication at the 2012 Aquitaine Conferences on Neurosciences, Université de Bordeaux (France); travel award, Alzheimer Association International Conference (Canada).


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