2014                HDR (Ability to conduct scientific research), INSERM U897, Bordeaux University, France.
2010                Post-doctoral Fellow, INSERM U897, Bordeaux
2006               PhD, McGill University, Canada.
2001                MSc, McGill University, Canada.


2009 –             Associate Research Fellow, INSERM U1219, Team EPICENE
2008 –             Biostatistician, INSERM CIC 14.01 (Clinical Research Centre – Clinical Epidemiology Unit)
2006 –             Biostatistician, Clinical Research & Clinical Epidemiology Unit, Institut Bergonié, Comprehensive Cancer Centre


Other: Collaborations & expertise

2014 –             Scientific collaborator, National Geriatric Oncology Platform “PACAN – Elderly and Cancer” of French League Against Cancer (LNCC).                   
2014 –             Scientific expert, Evaluation Committee of the French League Against Cancer (Ligue Régionale Contre le Cancer, Comité Paris-Ile-de-France,)
2014 –             Scientific collaborator, EUCLID, EUropean CLInical Trials Services, Platform & Development.
2013 –             Scientific collaborator, SIRIC-BRIO (Integrated Research in Oncology, Bordeaux), Epidemiology Program.
2011 –             Biostatistician, Urology group, UNICANCER, National Group of Comprehensive Cancer Centers
2010 – 2011   Biostatistician, Head and Neck group, UNICANCER, National Group of Comprehensive Cancer Centers.
2007 –             Reviewer & Expert, French National Cancer Institute (INCa)
2006 –             Supervisor, Master’s students and PhD student, INSERM, Epidemiology & Biostatistics.

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