PhD Student


› 2018-2022 PhD Student in Pharmacoepidemiology, University of Bordeaux, France

Thesis title: Medicine misuse: characterization, and assessment. Case of benzodiazepines and weak opioids.

Supervisor: Francesco Salvo – Pharmacoepidemiology team, Inserm U1219, Bordeaux

› 2016-2018 Master’s degree in Epidemiology and Public Health, ISPED, University of Bordeaux, France


Singier A, Noize P, Berdaï D,  Daveluy A, Arnaud M, Molimard M, Bégaud B, Salvo F. Medicine misuse: A systematic review and proposed hierarchical terminology. Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2021;87(4):1695–704.

Singier A, Carrier H, Tournier M, Pariente A, Verger P, Salvo F. General practitioners’ compliance with benzodiazepine discontinuation guidelines in patients treated with long-term lorazepam: A case-vignette cross-sectional survey. Therapies. 2021. 

Spini A, Gini R, Rosellini P, Singier A, Bellan C, Pascucci A, Leoncini L, Mathieu C, Martellucci I, Furiesi F, Giorgi S, Donnini S, Roberto G, Ziche M, Salvo F. First-Line Pharmacotherapies and Survival among Patients Diagnosed with Non-Resectable NSCLC: A Real-Life Setting Study with Gender Prospective. Cancers. 2021; 13(23):6129.

Létinier L, Jouganous J, Benkebil M, Bel-Létoile A, Goehrs C, Singier A, Rouby F, Lacroix C, Miremont G, Micallef J, Salvo F, Pariente A. Artificial Intelligence for Unstructured Healthcare Data: Application to Coding of Patient Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. 2021;110(2):392-400.


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