Senior Researcher

Aïcha Soumaré, completed a PhD in Public Health-Epidemiology from the Paris-Sud 11 University in 2009, and is a recipient of the Halimi/Aguirre-Basualdo Ph.D award specialized in medicine*. Soon after she held a research associate position at the INSERM U708-“neuroepidemiology” in Paris. Since 2015, Aïcha joined the group of Pr. Debette as a senior researcher.

Her research interests are centered on understanding the determinants of age-related neurological disorders such as dementia or stroke. Particularly, she focuses on exploring how modifiable vascular risk factors –including MRI markers of brain lesions– can influence the risk of developing those diseases. In order to bypass some of the limits of observational studies (confounding, reverse causation), her current work includes the use of Mendelian Randomization approaches to investigate the causal impact of those vascular factors by inferring causality from the effect of their genetic variants.

Dr. Soumaré also collaborates with the Steering committee of the 3C study by handling the proposals of ancillary studies and data access to the cohort in the context of its coordinating center.


* from the Chancellerie des Universités de Paris
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