The Sud-Ouest newspaper announced the launch of the Sobeezy Project!

Karine Pérès is co-founder of a the Sobeezy project combining digital technology and a large solidarity network, designed particularly

Chronic medical conditions in elderly and crash risks – results of Juan Naredo Turrado’s publication in

February 11, presented results from the scientific publication of the Injury epidemiology, transport, occupation IETO team: Naredo

Conference March 10, 2020 – Sustainable IT and some of its challenges

This event has been organised by the A.C.E group – Action Climate Environment leading by Research and Teaching

Biostatistics Conferences 2020

These events have been organised by Bordeaux Population Health – UMR 1219 and the Public Health Department of

Inserm Workshop 261 – Recent advances in statistical analysis of survival data – May and Sept 2020

Registration deadline: March 6, 2020 Organizers: Hélène JACQMIN-GADDA (Inserm U1219, Bordeaux), Aurélien LATOUCHE (Inserm U900/Cnam, Paris), Virginie RONDEAU

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