The centre


The Research Centre “Bordeaux Population Health” (Unit U1219 Inserm-University of Bordeaux, Director: Pr Christophe Tzourio) is structured around 11 labelled research teams, and 2 emerging teams. They cover a wide range of domains (infectious diseases including HIV, neurology, oncology, trauma, mental health), determinants (social, environmental, nutritional, genetic), methods (biostatistics, psychology) and populations (youth, adults, seniors, general population, patients).
In 2015, the Centre comprises more than 270 professionals including 160 engineers and admin staff, 59 researchers and teaching researchers (35 of which are accredited to direct research (HDR)), and about 40 PhD and master students.

The researchers of the Centre publish between 250 and 300 articles per year in international journals. They have developed major cohorts, trials, and databases that provide experimental platforms for the study of diseases and their surveillance in populations. 

Several of their projects have received the prestigious label “Invest for Future” (Investissements d’Avenir) and an ERC starting grant has also been rewarded to one of its researcher. The objectives of the scientists of Research Centre U1219 are manifold : To analyse, through appropriate advanced biostatistical methods, the most pressing public health problems ; To work in close collaboration with scientists of other domains of health research and particularly from the social and human sciences ; To be involved in the research and health policy agencies, both at local and national level, and both in developed and developing countries ; To be strongly committed to academic and professional training.


Governance and organisation chart

The Research centre is directed by Christophe TZOURIO (Director) and Rodolphe THIEBAUT (Deputy-Director). Isabelle BELY is the General Secretary. Many aspects of center management are delegated to committees, each with specific missions.

welcome Booklet 2015

Welcome booklet Centre de recherche Inserm U897 – 2015


  • Executive Committee
  • Composition: Director of the Centre + Deputy Director + General Secretary
  • Meeting: every week
  • Mission: implementation of the strategic orientations and management of the Centre


  • Steering Committee
  • Composition: Director + Deputy Director + General Secretary + department heads + team leaders
  • Meeting: every week
  • Mission: strategic development of the Centre


  • Liaison Committee
  • Composition: Executive Committee + ISPED + University hospital + SFR
  • Meeting: every 6 weeks
  • Mission: premises, appointments


  • General Assembly
  • Composition: all staff
  • Meeting: annual
  • Mission: discussion and approval of practical and scientific aspects concerning the Centre


 Organisation chart – Administration and common services

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